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Feminist Frequency on race and casting for The Hunger Games

think HARD about that: not only did they white-wash Katniss, they EXPLICITLY PROHIBITED WoC TO AUDITION FOR THE ROLE OF KATNISS. Smells like blatant racism.

Can we focus on that last part? B/c white people will always come up with “well the white actor/actress was just the best one to audtition.” Well, yeah if that’s ONLY who auditioned. 

Their theory of white actors/actresses being better doesn’t hold up if no one else if given the opportunity to even audition.

What I love about this is how Anita states right off the bat, that this is not about Jennifer Lawrence. This is about something much bigger than her. And she didn’t need to diss her to make the point. She sets hr aside, rolls up her sleeves, and tackles the bullshit head on.

Excellent approach.

Anita is actually incredibly brilliant and tactful as FUCK, and the fact that so many people want her head on a pike illustrates her point even more because if that. Seriously how the fuck could you get so mad at Anita Sarkeesian? Like holy shit.


The race was left ambigious for a very good reason - and Katniss’s family proves that she isn’t a “WoC” and can be seen as very racially ambiguous still. Her mother and sister are really white, blonde, and blue eyed. 

So there are two things we can take from this: She’s mixed race or she’s white with a southern european skin tone that’s very prominent in Italy, Spain, Greece, etc. 

So no, Anita isn’t tactful at ALL. This photo was on the original website before the movie was produced. So even if she was a minority character, she looks extremely white-passing.


Here’s even an article where the author and the director discuss their casting. 

Go educate yourselves, you twits. 

This is what gets me about Tumblr. “Character’s race made ambiguous/only given a few details? SHE MUST HAVE BEEN BLACK.”

Anita at it again, doing her thing and being full of shit.

I do remember the book describes Katniss as having an ‘olive’ skin tone.

Now, here’s JW’s Katniss.

So I did a quick google search for ‘olive skin tone’.

Could just be me, but I’m not seeing the ‘white washing’ here. You can say ‘olive’ complexion all you like, but the character’s race will still be ambiguous because as you see above, ‘olive’ is still a wide range of skin tones. A more accurate description would be ‘swarthy’, which is more like that space between moonbeam pale and extremely dark. 

Also, hair can be straightened or dyed so you don’t need to request that the actress as straight black hair!

~ Mulan

According to Wikipedia:

Olive skin is a human skin color spectrum. It is often associated with pigmentation in the Type IV to Type V range of the Fitzpatrick scale.

Type IV coloration is frequent among populations from the Mediterranean and parts of Latin America.[2] It corresponds with moderate brown, typical Mediterranean skin tones.[3] This skin tone rarely burns and always tans well.[4]

Type V coloration is frequent among populations from the Middle East,[3] parts of Latin America, parts of Africa,[2] and the Indian subcontinent.[5] It corresponds with dark brown, Middle Eastern skin tones.[3] This skin tone is minimally reactive to ultraviolet radiation, rarely or very rarely burns, and tans quite easily.[4]

So “olive skin” is a characteristic that can be possesed by the people of color, people of mixed ancestry, but also whites (like Italians or Greeks). Olive skin is a spectrum.

I can’t remember if there were any other indication of Kathniss’ possible race, besides her hair and skin color. If no, then the these two things could mean that she is a person of color or mixed or white. Her race would be left abmigous. The author herself refused to specify Kathniss’ race and didn’t object to Jennifer in the role.

Through the fact that the casting called only for women with “Caucasian” features sadly suggest that people making the move didn’t actually considered that non-white person may be fit for this role.

Generally, if your mother and (not half or step but full blood) sister are blonde haired and blue eyed

You’re probably not a “Woman of Colour”.    There are plenty of examples of genuine whitewashing in Hollywood, there is no need to go looking for it. 

Anita, a paragon of fact checking and truth.

I’m not a fan of banning free speech but hasn’t that bitch done enough?

I’ve seen fanart of Katniss where she was straight-up Black. Not even light-skinned. Just Black. How that came from “olive-skinned” I do not know.

get rekt anita

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  • Things that exist:

    Bulgarian culture, Spanish culture, Canadian culture, Ukrainian culture, Swedish culture, Dutch culture, Basque culture, Austrian culture, French culture, Portuguese culture, Bosnian culture, Irish culture

  • Things that do not exist:

    "White culture"

  • Things that exist:

    Honduran culture, Indian culture, Japanese culture, Mongolian culture, Venezuelan culture, Moroccan culture, Egyptian culture, Iraqi culture, Cherokee culture, Jamaican culture, Korean culture, Bangladeshi culture, Shoshone culture

  • Things that do not exist:

    "PoC culture"

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