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War Vet Was Warned Waffle House Not Safe For White, Gets Beaten, Needs Brain Surgery. Police say this was not a hate crime.


Clarion Ledger
NY Daily News
The Blaze
CBS Houston
USA Today


  • 2 white men want to eat at Waffle House
  • The white men are Ralph Weems, a Marine and Iraq Veteran and his friend David Knighten who is an Air Force Veteran who served in Afghanistan
  • Man in parking lot suggested they go elsewhere
  • Said the black men inside were angry over the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson and that it may not be a safe place for white people
  • The two men go inside to eat
  • After entering an argument broke out and police were called
  • They cant do anything
  • They decide to leave to eat elsewhere, end up going to Huddle House to eat
  • A group of 20 black men from Waffle House followed them to parking lot of Huddle House
  • The 2 men try to calm the angry mob but it doesnt work
  • They get attacked and beaten
  • Knighten gets taken to the ground and kicked repeatedly and suffers minor fractures and cuts
  • Weems gets attacked much more severely, close to death and ends up needing brain surgery and was put in induced coma by doctors
  • Racial remarks where yelled by the black crowd towards the white men during the beating
  • Police show up after crowd leaves


Quote from the police chief Tim Brinkley

"This does not appear to be a hate crime"

Oh and its currently  being looked at as just an aggravated assault.

I want to go with a group of 20 white men and beat 2 black guys, one near death, while calling them filthy niggers or something and see what happens. How fast would we end up on every news channel and website and on everyone twitter and facebook feeds?

Shit, I can punch a black guy for saying something stupid to me and he can cry about hate crimes but if he hit me for the same reason, I couldnt. Even if the punch had nothing to do with hating him for his color. How stupid. Same for jews gays or anyone not a straight white male. Hell I can go in a mosque and say some offensive Muslim joke and get a hate crime charge if they wanted to go that route, but I or anyone can go on tv or at a comedy club and bash Christians or Mormons and nothing, just a big laugh.

>white privilege
>cant be racist against whites
>there is no such thing as race but whites are the most evil race
>even though there is no such thing as race, all races are equal but whites are worse and more evil

Oh and the police chief Tim Brinkley is Black.



The devaluing of $20 (or any amount of money) over time is due to inflation, which is itself the summation of many influences in an economy, like government spending, the accumulation of “new money” through interest, the strength of the stock market, the fact that we no longer use the gold standard, the globalization of the market, etc.

That said, here’s the net inflation between 1998 and 2005, and 1998 and 2013.

So, long story short, the number of items in that third cart should be more than half of the amount in the original cart by relative value — in fact, more than two-thirds! (the math works backwards: if the items cost 42.9% more, then by reciprocals, you can purchase ~70% as much of those items).  The image is misleading to say the least.  Now, with that out of the way…

"Can we stop pretending it’s still possible to live on the minimum wage?”

As of July, 2012, the minimum wage in the U.S. is $7.25.  You need to go to this page right now and scroll down through all of the countries whose minimum wage is less than that.  Those people are still alive, aren’t they?  Insert snarky cynicism here.

Point #3: joking aside, increased minimum wage does not equate to increased living standards.  Case in point: wages are a cost for businesses, which are profit-oriented, meaning that when wages are forced upwards, one of two cases occurs:

  1. The company must now increase the cost of their products and services in order to accommodate the increase in expenditures.  Effectively, this means that those increased wages…will be able to purchase less (and inflation creeps back into the system).
  2. The wage increase makes the company’s business no longer profitable, meaning the whole company collapses.  Now none of those workers have jobs and they can’t get anything whatsoever.

To further cement my point, let me provide some data on Australia.

Australia has one of, if not the, highest minimum wages in the world, at $16.37 AUD (that’s $15.33 in USD, unit rate is 1 to 0.936).  Using values from this site:

  • $1.50 AUD/ liter of gasoline —> $6.06 USD / gallon, compared to ~$3.50 where I live
  • $4.20 AUD/ 3 liters of milk —> $1.495 USD / liter, compared to $0.96 / liter in the states (data from Oct 2008, US price acquired here)
  • $4.50 AUD / Big Mac —> $4.81 USD, for just the sandwich.  In the US at the same time, a Big Mac sold for $3.57.

And so, in brief:

If the minimum wage is artificially raised by a governing body, the net result for the worker is always negative.  If the minimum wage is pulled up by market forces, i.e., if the economy grows and company revenues increase faster than other costs like capital, then there will be a blanket increase in quality of life, meaning everyone — the workers, the corporate heads, the consumers — will be satisfied with the result.  I could go on for ages about this, but someone I know has already said everything I could add here.  I encourage you to read it on your own time.

Any questions?  I’m all ears.

(Source: questionall)




seriously though get your head out of your ass dude.

women are out-earning men in their fields. there are studies that show this does that mean that now men are being discriminated against?

you guys wanna know the real reason for the wage gap?

heres over 30 sources that explain it that dont come from comedy central but from people who actually know what the fuck they’re talking about like Forbes, and Time, and professional economists. not news anchors on television networks pandering to fans for punchlines and higher ratings.

salaries are negotiable. meaning that if you want a higher salary you have to fight for it. the independent women’s forum did a video explaining this.

soooo you can either listen to comedy central and ONE study from yale. ooooor you could be logical and listen to the 30+ professional journalist organizations and women’s activism committees that actually know what they’re talking about.

(Source: sandandglass)





Hunting lodge forced to pay for gay wedding

Hunting lodge that opposes gay marriage forced not only to host the wedding, but to pay for it. Economic tyranny. Whether you agree or not, any business has the right to not render service to anyone they don’t want to.

This is…

Remove government from marriage entirely . I don’t know why people think putting a boot on gay peoples neck and forcing then to get government permission for there union is somehow freedom .


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