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Today I learned that the Huff Post is fine with someone following men who have taken their their kids to a theme park for a day out, taking their photos without their consent and calling them Dads I’d Like to Fuck and saying “DILFs beware we will find you whether you like it or not” and actually refers to this creepshotting as “genius”

but how fucking DARE you put high heels and eyelashes on an M and M mascot character 

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 both are unnecessary

mrsrandallboggs asked:

In the Riley interview, he says that minimum wage laws are a bigger impediment to black employment than high immigration rates. I was wondering, though, isn't that people's problem with illegal immigration specifically, since they're getting paid below minimum wage? In that case they're competing with poor citizens? Do you know what I'm saying?


I think the majority of Americans who oppose illegal immigration are not worried so much about the South Park meme…


…but rather that they’re a) breaking the law by being here and therefore could pose a possible threat by breaking more laws,  b) a burden on our social programs like education, food stamps, etc, and c) will be used as voter ammunition in elections for Democrats.

Since I oppose the minimum wage, I do not mind if these hardworking people work for whatever wages they choose or can get.  I mean, they’re only a testament to the contrary of the myth that the United States pays “starving wages.”  There are illegal aliens working for less than minimum wage, and yet they are still flocking here to get more of these jobs.  What does that tell you?

The rest of the citizens however have to work for a federally mandated set wage, unlike illegals who hop into the back of a pick-up in the morning.  This federal restriction hurts young, unskilled workers who need entry-level positions that don’t pay much but are enough to get their foot in the door and to obtain some kind of job skills.  If I had a small business that I ran from my home, I might be able to hire several young teenagers in need of some kind of job at a lower acceptable wage each for the same price I’d have to hire someone else at the federally mandated minimum wage.  This is what Jason L. Riley was talking about.  Many young men and women in black communities are lacking work ethic because it’s hard to get a starting job in this economy.  Raising the minimum wage just makes it harder.




SOUTHINGTON, Conn. – A “suspicious” looking middle school student with a “green military-type jacket” sent a Connecticut school into lockdown for two hours Tuesday.

A school staff member alerted school authorities to a suspicious man roaming the school hallway, describing the person as roughly 5 feet 7 inches and wearing a green military-type jacket. School officials relayed the possible threat to police, who issued a lockdown around 11 a.m., NBC reports.

“Officers searched the John F. Kennedy Middle School and its surrounding grounds, but police said the initial search ‘revealed nothing of a suspicious nature,’” reports.

The school district alerted parents of the lockdown, which of course made them very worried. Several nervous parents waited outside of the school during the search, but those who approached were told to go back and wait in their cars, according to WFSB.

“We got a phone call 15 to 20 minutes ago saying a teacher saw a suspicious person in the area and that’s all they said,” parent Courtney Peluso told the news site.

“It bothers me a little bit, it makes me wonder who is walking around, but they’re safe like the officer said, they are safe,” parent Andrea Smith said.

Meanwhile, school staff secured the school’s 800 students in classrooms and the cafeteria, superintendent Tim Connellan said.

At some point, police and school officials found a student fitting the description, and he was deemed not a threat. Police then conducted a second search, just in case, before giving the “all-clear” around 1 p.m., NBC reports.

Connellan told WFSB the student was walking in the hallway, while other students were in class, so that’s why the staff member who reported him was so suspicious, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Don’t students walk the hallway to go to the restroom all the time when other students are in class?

Perhaps it was the green jacket that make him look like a terrorist threat.

Regardless, the superintendent said neither the student nor the staffer who reported him will face disciplinary action.

NBC reports the lockdown at JFK Middle School is the second in recent weeks, after issued a lockdown a few weeks ago while investigating a nearby back robbery.

Several who posted to the news sites had some harsh criticisms for how school officials handled the suspicious person complaint.

the end of this nation is near

am i not allowed to wear fucking milsurp now



NRA Values are a health risk to America’s youth.

In the following decade violent crime in the UK would skyrocket 77% leaving citizens of the UK with no way to defend themselves in what would become known as “The Violent Crime Capital of Europe.” The UK would gain a rate of violent crime several times higher than that of the US and would continue to fall apart as lawmakers scrambled to ban more and more items.

Revisionism and lack of context are a health risk to the youth of not just America but every state that would steal the rights of its citizens overnight.



Portuguese designer Susana Soares has developed a device for detecting cancer and other serious diseases using trained bees. The bees are placed in a glass chamber into which the patient exhales; the bees fly into a smaller secondary chamber if they detect cancer. 

Scientists have found that honey bees - Apis mellifera - have an extraordinary sense of smell that is more acute than that of a sniffer dog and can detect airborne molecules in the parts-per-trillion range. 

Bees can be trained to detect specific chemical odours, including the biomarkers associated with diseases such as tuberculosis, lung, skin and pancreatic cancer.

breathe into the BEE ORB to reveal your fate

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